Maza Gilde Small Guild
The Grand Hall
The interior of the big hall (also the assembly-, meeting-room) shows gothic forms. The hall is richly decorated with neo-gothic pilasters, wooden panels, painted ceiling, stained-glass windows and paintings. The hall has seven doors and seven windows. In the upper part of the walls there are placed emblems of crafts-corporations, but above the doors are panorama paintings of the towns Lubeck, Bremen, Petersburg, Riga, Moscow, Hamburg and Rostock. Three chandeliers illuminate the hall.
The to-day existing stained-glass panels of the Big Hall have been placed into the windows in 1888 and are made at the Hanover atelier of A.S.Freystadtl whose portrait is shown in the stained-glass window in the adjoining room and nearby also the portrait of the chief architect of the Small Guild J.D.Felsko. The portraits of the seniors of 25 different crafts-corporations in their traditional robes, in full height and with respective crafts emblems occupy the main place in the stained-glass panels. Moreover, the panels depict 9 benefactors of the Small Guild who have donated resources and founded different charity institutions– orphan asylum, dosshouses for widows, almshouses, and alms funds.
In the Big Hall, didactic epigrams decorate the pointed vault planes on the both sides of the hall, for example, “Who does good to his enemy, shows the highest nobility”, “Where labour guards the house, poverty is closed out”.
In the Big Hall windows, doors, balconies, wooden ceiling parts, wall panels and shutters of the year 1888 are left. As a result of the hall restoration, there is a possibility to go out to a beautiful outdoor balcony with a view of the Livs Square and front garden of the Small Guild encircled by a metal grid, the pattern of which is reconstructed after the Guild pictures of the 4-th quarter of the 19th century.
Address: Maza Gilde, 3/5 Amatu Str., Riga LV1050, Latvia
Tel.: +371 67223772, +371 67037418
Contact person: Lilita Laine

Photo by Leons Balodis, Olegs Kotovics & Romualds Pipars